More From Last Year’s Trip To Yellowstone


No, that’s not fire! It’s steam coming from the ground! It seems as though there are steam vents and geysers everywhere. It’s especially beautiful on a crisp cold morning. Of course for our safety, we have to stay on the paths and boardwalks but we can still get very close to them. It’s just simply amazing!

This second image is of Morning Glory Pool. Morning Glory Pool was named in the 1880’s for its likeness to the flower. The blue pool has turned somewhat green over the years because of vandalism. People have thrown tons of coins, rocks, and trash into it. The Park Service does vacuum it out from time to time. The yellow and orange colors come from active bacteria that thrive there. It’s very beautiful and well worth the walk to it.

In a few days, I hope to get some better and more up to date images so stay tuned.

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Images from last year’s trip to Yellowstone National Park


These images were taken last September while I was camping in Yellowstone.  I hope to post a few more from this year’s trip.  Stay tuned!

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