Ernie Miller Nature Center

Ernie Miller Nature Center

Some of you have heard me talk about a very special place, Ernie Miller Nature Center.  It’s 116 acres of nature almost completely surrounded by civilization.  It has a stream, a number of nature trails and some prairie to explore as well as an interesting array of animals inside the main building.

The very talented and dedicated staff of Park Naturalists and Park Police provide an outstanding variety of interpretive programs for all ages throughout the year. The programs cover historical events, nature, conservation and are educational and always fun. The staff often dresses in costumes of the time period of the story to enhance the experience.

Often, animal ambassadors are used to  emphasize nature and conservation concepts. The animal ambassadors include: insects, frogs, snakes, turtles, fish, mammals and birds of prey.

I have been very fortunate to be included in some of what they do, especially storytelling.  Below, is an image of me as Farmer McGregor from Peter Rabbit.  Of course, I was telling my side of the story!  This Saturday evening for Haunted Kansas, I will be dressed as a frontiersman telling the story by a campfire of Josiah Wilbarger, the only known person to survive being scalped by Comanches.

Farmer McGregor

I’ve also been allowed to work with the raptors.  I’m sometimes referred to as the “Owl Man” because I’m often seen working with the owls and giving impromptu presentations about them.

The Owl Man

Up top, you’ll notice a new gallery which include images of animals and scenes that you’ll see at the nature center.  I hope you enjoy them and will come out to see us.

Oh by the way, on the evenings of October 28th and 29th, we’ll be doing an “Owl Prowl.”  It’s by reservation only.  I don’t know if there are still spots available but if you’re interested, call Cindy at: 913-826-2800 to reserve a your spot.

See ya next time!  Thanks for coming!

Images from last year’s trip to Yellowstone National Park


These images were taken last September while I was camping in Yellowstone.  I hope to post a few more from this year’s trip.  Stay tuned!

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