Other parts of the Kansas City Zoo

I’ve noticed that most of my recent images from the Kansas City zoo are almost all from the African area. Because I need to continue to practice with varying light conditions, I thought I’d try a couple of the other areas of the zoo.

The image below is for our reptile lovers. It is a Vietnamese Long-nose Snake. The long nose looks much like the leaves of a bamboo plant. With that nose and green coloring, it stays very well hidden.  This snake along with several others can be seen in the Snakes Alive Exhibit.

I do sheeeee you!

This next image is of a Von der Decken’s Hornbill. It can be found in Central and Eastern Tanzania, Southeastern Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. I think he’s quite handsome.

I really am a handsome bird!

The three guys below are generally very playful but I do see them in this position quit often.  They are Asian Small-clawed Otters.

Been playing too hard…. Time for a nap!

The Asian Small-clawed Otters can been seen in the Tropics Building.  OK, so now it’s time to go back outside.  I’m sure you’ll know where we’re headed with the image below……

Don’t look now but it’s Bill again with that pesky black-eyed box! Smile!

Yup! It’s Australia! When visiting Australian you will actually be in the exhibit with the kangaroos. Some people have thought that they have escaped but they haven’t.  Of course, you must stay on the path and not approach them or try to pet them.  These are Red Kangaroos which are reported to be the largest of the kangaroos.

Now this next animal always brings a smile to my face. OK, I’ll admit it. I sometimes break out in laughter because of the way in which it looks at me. It kind of looks like it’s smiling too!…..  Hey….. You don’t suppose that it’s laughing at me, do you???

Who IS that funny looking guy?
If I don’t look at him, maybe he’ll go away!

This next one is very cool!  I don’t get to see him very often. People walk right by it and never see it because it blends into it’s surroundings so well.  It just looks like it’s just part of the tree.  He doesn’t move and almost always has his eyes closed.

Hi! I’m a Tawny Frogmouth

Oh, I almost forgot again! I put an image on FB to see who could identify an animal. Now, I know there is at least one person that got it right…. Gail Degeer knows her animals!  I’m sure you’ve all figured it out by now. It is……….

OK Bill, I looked at you. Now, GO AWAY AND LET ME SLEEP!

It is very cool because it actually looked at me. It’s never done that before. What a lucky day! Well, I hope you enjoyed a short tour of a couple of the other areas of the zoo.  Thanks for coming!


Today at the Kansas City Zoo

As you all know, I spend quite a bit of time at the zoo but today, I was on a mission. I have a new camera and needed to test it out. Below are some, perhaps, strange images. The first two images are of our Wart Hogs.

Hi! I’m Alvin
And I’m Lola!

Then I went to the Gorilla exhibit. The first thing that I saw is pictured below. Once it saw me, it ran like the dickens. I’m quite please because all the images of it running came out tack sharp. I don’t think I would have captured it as sharp with my other camera.

I gota get out of here…… Pronto!

It must have been frightened of me because we all know that Wanto wouldn’t hurt this little guy. Wanto is below.


I then found this next little guy hiding in the grass. We don’t often see it because it’s so skittish. Normally when it sees people, it runs inside to hide. It is a Kirk’s Dik Dik. I know that it was watching me but it didn’t seem to be threatened with my presence. That’s always my goal when photographing wildlife.

I’ll bet he doesn’t see me!

Then, I took a shot of a side of Murphy that we don’t often see!

I hope he gets my good side!

I had to try to take some shots where the lighting is a challenge so I tried inside the Discovery Barn.

Hurry up Bill! I can’t stay still for very long!

I do have to admit that I left many shots out. While I was just doing some testing, I have to say that I’m very impressed with the clarity, color and sharpness of each shot. This new camera Rocks! The blog doesn’t really do the images justice as they are very small Jpeg files.  What do you think?

Oh Yea! I almost forgot! I posted a couple of shots for friends on FB to see if they could identify a couple of animals.  The first one is…..

What animal is this?

It is a………………………………


I know that you cannot see the entire animal so you’ll just have to trust me! HA!  The next one is ……………….

Which Lion is this?

If you knew or guessed it to be …………………………..


You’re correct!

I hope you enjoyed our short trip to the Kansas City Zoo!

Please come back again!


In Photography, the background is so important

I just wanted to show how the background of an image can have such an impact to our final prints.  The image of the immature bald eagle below is right out of the camera with a minor vignette added. As you can see, it has a branch sticking out of its head.  Not Good!

Why do I have a branch sticking out of my head?

With some touch-up work in Photoshop, the image looks much better.

Look Ma... No branch sticking out of my head!

So, what’s the big deal? Well, it takes time to do the correction in Photoshop. If I had just moved a little bit to the right, the branch would not be directly behind the eagle and the image would have been much better from the get go. Also, the light might be just a bit better because it’s coming from the right side as well.

I often get so excited about the subject that I don’t always pay attention to the distractions like the background and the edges that can ruin an image.  Composing a shot, isn’t just paying attention to the subject but also paying attention to everything in the composition.

Some might say; “Well as long as I can fix it in post, why should I care?” Well, not only does it take time to fix these issues but sometimes, they just cannot be fixed at all. As a result, for the lack of paying attention to the detail, an otherwise Great image just may be lost.

Hope this help some of you with your photography.  By the way, most photographers won’t show you their mistakes.  However, you never know what you’ll find here!

Hope you’re enjoying the day.  Thanks for coming!

BYW: I should have eliminated the branch sticking out of its right wing too. 😉