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Hi there!

Just a little about who I am and what I’m all about.  I like to consider myself a bit of visual and word of mouth  story-teller and I’m a freelance photographer.  I’m a former docent with the Kansas City Zoo.  I also volunteer at Ernie Miller Nature Center in Olathe, Kansas.  Both have given me ample opportunity to practice various types of story telling.

You can see some of my images on display at the Kansas City Zoo. My images have been published in various Johnson County Parks and Recreation District’s publications and on the Overland Parks two golf course web sites and in their brochures.

Some of the images you’ll see here are of captured animals. While my goal is to try to present them without fencing, caging or other means that keep them confined, I will never represent them as wild animals. Because I think of them as ambassadors for their species,  I want to show them in the best possible way so they represent their species well.

All other images of animals have been taken in the wild. I will try to my best to identify them correctly.  I will also do my best to identify all landscape images as well.

Thanks for coming and I hope you enjoy what you see here.






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