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Please feel free to contact me about any of these photos. My email address is:


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  1. Hello Bill,
    Thank you for sharing bird facts with me today in the viewing room at Ernie Miller Park. I looked up some of the information you shared with me (differences between male and female downey woodpeckers and hawks in our area).
    I love learning new details and facts about all of the wildlife and God created nature we are so privileged to enjoy.
    Your photos are beautiful and I greatly appreciate being able to see them.
    Thank you Cherie Conzett

    1. It was nice talking with you too. Thank you Cherie for the kind words. I agree that we are all very privileged. As I mentioned, I don’t blog often, only when I have something to share. You’ll see no political statements but hopefully just some decent photos.
      Come back when you can.


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