Great Morning for Landscape Photography!

One way to improve your success when taking landscapes is to be sure to pay attention to the light.  Most people know that early morning and early evening light is always the best for landscape images. However, if you can get out in the early morning right after a rain storm, well, it just doesn’t get any better than that!  The colors are always spectacular.

The redbuts in bloomLooking down the fairway

After four days of rain, the grass has turned green and the redbuds are in full bloom. What really brings out the color besides the great early morning light is the fact that everything is wet and vibrant. The tree trunks will be much darker too.  Wow, I just love to make clicks on a morning like we had today!

From the green looking backLooking back from the green

You know it’s early because there’s no one on the course. That’s a good thing. Otherwise, I would have been dodging incoming golf balls. The course did become quite busy just a few minutes later. Getting up early is a must for landscape work, especially on a golf course!

Of course, you know that I just cannot show landscapes without showing some critters too.  Well, I was pleasantly surprised that the three wood ducks that I had heard about yesterday were still on one of the ponds this morning.  It seems as though they were just waiting for me to take their picture.

You two…. pay close attention. Bill’s going to be taking our picture

Doesn’t it look like the one on the left is giving instruction to the other two?  We don’t often see wood ducks in the open like this so it was quite a treat and a great way to start the day.

Many of you know that birds of prey are a passion of mine.  I just couldn’t resist taking the following shot of the Red-tailed hawk by the green. I actually took this one a few days earlier but I thought you’d enjoy it.

Red-tailed Hawk hunting

It didn’t seem to mind that I was watching or taking its picture.  Of course I didn’t know it at the time but he had his eye on a field mouse.  He stayed there on that pink post for about five minutes before he swooped over to the grass to get it. It looked like he caught it but the mouse somehow got away. It must have gone down a hole because after searching in the grass for a few minutes, the hawk flew off without the mouse.

Some days you win and some days you don’t.  I certainly won today!  I hope you had a great day too.  I hope you enjoyed the walk on the golf course. Thanks for coming by!