It Finally Snowed in Kansas City!

Yep! It finally snowed in Kansas City. I didn’t even mind shoveling the drive this morning.  Of course 2 inches is a lot easier to shovel than 12 or 24 inches. I couldn’t wait to go out for a walk with my camera in hand. It’s always great to be the first person to make tracks in the snow. Besides mine, the only other tracks to be seen were animals tracks.  It’s fun to follow them because they seem to tell a story.

Not another human footprint yet!

The first animal that I saw was on the lake. It’s a Common Goldeneye. They spend summers in Canada and winter in the south.  I don’t recall ever seeing one before. It was by itself and wouldn’t let me get too close. I felt so lucky to see it that I had to share its image.

Common Goldeneye

Besides a few birds that were too quick on the fly, the only other animals that I saw were deer. When I saw the one pictured below, I just had to take its picture. You’ll have to agree that it’s the longest deer you’ve ever seen!

Longest Deer ever Seen!

Of course it’s two different deer but when I saw it, well, I just couldn’t resist the shot. If you look to the right of it you’ll see another one peeking around a tree. The doe in the next shot, was very curious. She must not have recognized me as a human. I was scrunched down looking at the herd as she just kept walking closer and closer to me. She must have been trying to get a better look or was trying to scare me off.  I remained very still and we watched each other for quite some time.

What are you!

While there may have been more, I counted 8 in this small herd. Not one of them was the big buck that I was hoping to see.

The little pond below looks much different in the spring and summer than it did today. It’s in a very secluded spot. I don’t think many people know it’s there. Animal footprints along the shore are the only hints of activity. Sometimes, I just sit by the tall pine on the left to watch for critters and to listen to the wind. It’s a very peaceful place.

Quiet Little Pond

Well after walking about three miles, it was time to head back. The walk was beautiful, quiet and everything looked so clean. As everyone knows, snow can really change things. Look what it did to the sign below. I saw it out of the corner of my eye as I was leaving and………. Well, again, I just couldn’t resist!

Does it really say what I think it does?

Well, I hope that it doesn’t offend anyone. The intent is to bring a smile to your face. I know that this last image will not bring a smile to my friends who have been enjoying the very mild winter we’ve been having but……………….

White just doesn't look good on the GC!

remember, Spring is only five weeks away.

Well, thanks for taking the walk with me. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.  I know that I did.

See Ya!

Oh by the way, I now know where three Great Horned Owls are nesting. I hope to get some images in a month or so when the owlets are active.  Stay tuned!