Eagle taking flight at Loess Bluffs

I was at Loess Bluffs from sun up to sun down yesterday and took more than 1000 photos of a variety of animals. I’ll post some of those at a later time. I thought some of you might like to see the sequence of an eagle taking flight so, I decided to post this first.

I had been watching and photographing this young eagle for quite some time. I was hoping it would take flight in a direction where the light was good and still in view. Often, they take flight going away from you and behind the trees.

After about 20 – 30 minutes, it looks at me long and hard as if to say, What are you looking at?

After a while, it looks away. At first, I thought it had seen something of interest on the ground. Then, it does this……

It actually flew to a nest which was not too far away. I’ll post that photo at another time.

You too can get the same type of shots. You just have to wait, be patient and have a bit of luck that the light is right.

I hope you enjoyed these photos. Thanks for stopping by.