Mom Black Bear & 3 Three Cubs

The following images were taken in The Grand Teton National Park on October 3, 2018. While I took more than 350 images, these are the ones that made the final, final, final cut. While I normally like to post only a couple of images of the same animals, I just couldn’t decide which ones to cut out further. So, you’ll just have to decide which ones you like best. 

You may find it hard to distinguish one cub from another because they look very much the same but all three are posted. 

These first photos are from when I first saw Mother Black Bear. She’s feeding on berries.

Shortly after taking those images, she decided to cross the road.

She must have thought better of it. After all, her three cubs were still on that side of the road. She turned back.

She found another berry bush and started feeding again.

Then, her cubs came into view. Each climbed the surrounding berry bushes looking for their share. There was never a chance to photograph all three of them together. Each was trying to find its own area from which to feed. However, all three are reprsented in the following shots.

Imatating Rudolph with a red leaf
One of my favorites

Below are a couple of images with Mom and one of the cubs.

Another of my favorites

Well, as I mentioned above these are only a few of the more than 350 plus images I took of them. I hope you enjoyed seeing them and found a favorite too.

Thanks for stopping by.