Vinzant / Cosnotti Memorial Jr. Golf Tournament

From August 6 through the 8th, the 48th annual the Vinzant / Cosnotti Memorial Junior Golf Tournament was held at the Sykes/Lady Golf course in Overland Park, Kansas. It is the largest tournament in the Midwest for kids ages 6 to 17. We had 398 golfers this year.

I’m fortunate to have been the event’s photographer for the past several years. It has been great fun to witness and record this event. I’ve seen several players go from just starting out to becoming excellent golfers. Some have even gone on to earn full golf scholarships.

Below are just a few my favorite shots from this year. BTW, Parents, if you see an image of your child here and would like it removed, please contact me at: I will delete it from this post.

Day one was excellent even the weather cooperated

Great Swing!


Good follow-through!

You can see the intense concentration they have on these next few images

It’s amazing how intense these players can be. You’d think they’re not having fun but I can assure you there were many, many smiles and a lots of laughter as well.

It helps to hold your tongue just right when you swing. I know I have to…

Day two had some challenges because the weather turned on us. It rained. There was no lightning in the area so play continued. The players didn’t seem to mind. They just continued to slosh along.

Staying dry
Yes! We are having fun
Swinging in the rain, just swinging in the rain…..
There were some interesting lies
Even this Norther Flicker seemed to think so
Of course it’s about integrity and sportsmanship

Of course, this cannot be pulled off with out a host of fantastic volunteers

Explaining the rules and keeping score

There are always interesting head covers.

The younger golfers are always some of my favorite!

He actually hit the ball pretty well

At the conclusion of the tournament, everyone earned a trophy.

Everyone seem to have a great time and of course for me, it was great fun.

This could not have been done without the planning, coordination and direction from this great team of PGA Golf Professionals

Sean Chalk, PGA Head Professional;  Bess Quick, First Assistant Professional and Michael Tanner, PGA Director of Golf

All in all, I took almost 3,000 photos during the three days. Only 580 made it to the golf course website. If you’d like to see some fantastic young golfers, go to  Click on “juniors” then on “Junior Golf Tournament”. Scroll down and you’ll see links to each days photos.

Thanks for coming by!

I know. I know. It’s not wildlife or landscapes but we did have a wild time….😜