Bald Eagles at Squaw Creek / Loess Bluffs

As many of you may know, the name of Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge has been changed to Loess Bluffs National Wildlife Refuge. It was done after much debate and input from several Native American tribes. It seems, the word squaw has a derogatory meaning for many of them. This change has in no way taken anything away from this wonderful place but makes it better for all who love it.

From this time forward, all my post with photos taken here will be listed under the new name. That being said, I hope you enjoy these photos. Some are new.  Some are from times past but I hope you enjoy seeing them again.

December 12, 2016 was a very good day for eagle watching. There were so many in the tree that I couldn’t fit them all in photo below. There were also several  flying around in the same location at the same time.

Good day for Bald Eagles, 12/12/16

They were coming from all angles!

Coming at you!

The next series are of the same bird in flight as it was flying around with some of the others.

Getting lift!
Just taking to the sky
Flying by

At a certain time of the year, you may get lucky and see them on the nest. When I do, I never stay long because I don’t want to cause them any stress which may interfere with their well-being or nesting.


After viewing this one for a few minutes, he flew over me to the pond behind me. He gather nesting material, then flew close to me as he brought the mud and grass to the nest. I’m reasonably sure it was the male because he seemed to be the smaller of the two. Most of the time, adult female raptors are larger than males.

Building a home
I hope she likes the new furniture!

I call this photo “The Couple”. One was squawking. The other was just not paying attention.

I’m not listening!

I was lucky to get these three together. They look to be of 3 different ages. The one on the left is at least 4 to 5 years old. Their heads and tails turn white around 4 to 5 years of age. The one on the far right might be a little unique. I haven’t seen many with so much white on their breast and legs.

The look of three different ages.

Just another couple hanging out together!

Hanging out together!

Time to rest and just look around!

Just looking around!

A series of one taking off.

Getting ready to take flight!
One Giant Leap!
Almost there

Please don’t be too ruffled about the name change. I think it represents the area well and it’s kind of catchy! The eagles don’t seem to mind.

Ruffled but not because of the name change.

I never get tired of photographing our National Symbol. They are so majestic! I hope you come to Loess Bluffs during the fall migration to see them. If you like seeing lots of water fowl and eagles, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Bye for now!

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