Blue jay Being Cool!

I really wanted to get outside today because it snowed last night. While it was not a lot of snow, it would have been great for tracking animals in the woods. However, I just couldn’t do it. I’m recovering from minor surgery and slipping or falling….. Well, that’s just not an option. So… I decided to put some bird seed on my deck railing to see what might come by.

A Blue jay was the first to came by and did it put on a show!

Beautiful Blue jay
Beautiful Blue jay

It seemed intent on selecting just the right seed.

Gotta find the right one!

Once it found a piece that appeared to be just the right one, it would pick it up.

OK now watch this!

Flip it!

One, two and three....
One, two, three and……

Then catch it!


What a kick to watch and photograph!

The Jay seemed to be having fun because it did the same thing several times. I know I was having fun just watching. It also gave me a great opportunity to practice bird photography even though I could not get outside.

Lesson learned…. You don’t have to go out to practice and get fun shots. You just have to be creative and wait to see what comes along.

Thanks for coming by!