Something New on Saturday

I’ve always wanted to attend a Native American
Pow Wow or Festival. Well, I had a chance on Saturday to go to the KC Indian Art Market and Cultural Festival at the Line Creek Community Center.  It was wonderful!

They had many tables set up in a large tent where people from different tribes offered for sale a variety of beautifully hand crafted art, jewelry and other Native American goods.

Below is an image of Mr. Dennis Rogers. Mr. Rogers is a world famous Navajo dancer and storyteller.  He started the program with a beautiful prayer and Blessing.

Mr. Dennis Rogers
Mr. Dennis Rogers









He told stories both verbally and through his magnificent dancing. He had the audience captivated.  Below are some of his dance moves. I especially liked his hoop dancing.

Telling a story through dancing
Captivating the audiance

Hoop Dance (I believe this depicts Mother Earth)

Next we enjoyed the mellow and magnificent sounds of the flute played by Mr. Terry Lee Whetstone.  WOW!  You really had to be there.  Words just do not describe how truly beautiful it was.  He played quite a number of different types of flutes some made from horns of animals.

Mr. Terry Lee Whetstone
Making a magical sound from the horn of an animal!









Mr Terry Lee Whetstone....The profile of a Master!

We were also entertained by the Haskell Intertribal Cultural Club. They were dressed in their tribal dress and attire. They were all different and very colorful.  Each person told us about the significance of their attire. Unfortunately, I was not fast enough to get each person’s permission to post their pictures here. However, I did get the permission from the person dancing below. I believe his name is Waylon.

One of the Haskell Intertribal Cultural Club Dancers

Of course there had to be a dedicated storyteller. Meet Christine Freeman. She was telling stories most of the day in the tipi that is at the beginning of this post.

She is a wonderful storyteller and connected with not only the children but with the adults as well.  I felt a special connection with her myself. She wanted to be sure that I always had a bit of Mother Earth with me for many nice reasons. Too many to mention here.  She gave me a beautiful red stone made of glass.  We all know that glass comes from sand……and…..sand is part of Mother Earth.  I will carry it with me.  Thank you Christine!

Everyone was very friendly and the stories all had important lessons about life and nature. What a great way to spend the day.

Well, I guess that you can tell from this long post that I had a great time. If you’ve never gone to one of these events, you should put it on your “Bucket List” to go to at least one. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the images and my rambling.  Please come back and stay tuned!


Just a few more from Yellowstone then we’ll move on

Sometimes you just have to take the image because it grabs you. That’s the case with the image below. It’s a quiet spot less than a mile from where I camped. I think it’s the clouds that make the scene.

Quiet Pond at Dusk

The weather forecasters called for a 20% chance of thunder storms each day. They were pretty accurate!  We’d have a clash of lightning followed by thunder and then a few minutes of sprinkles. This next image might give a visual of what it was like.

It's all in the Clouds!

In a previous post, I showed an image of Old Faithful. The image below was taken on the opposite side of where that one was taken.  The light is much better in this image. I just love the highlights. …….. I’m still learning!

Old Faithful in Good Light!

The image below was taken in the Midway Geyser Basin area. I was trying to take a picture of the Grand Prismatic Spring but the fog from it was blowing right in my face so I had to settle for this pool.  Sorry, I don’t know the name of it but it’s still beautiful.

A Pool Circled in Gold!

Remember the picture of the elk in the river?  Well, this is part of his harem and what he was guarding.

Mom & Baby Elk

The kid below was hiding so well that I almost didn’t see it. They really blend in well with the sagebrush!  It was with the Bighorn Ram that I posted earlier.

Bighorn Kid

I hope you’ve enjoyed these images from Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. They are such wonderful places. I may go back again next year.  I still haven’t gotten the image of the big moose that I have in my mind’s eye. We’ll see!

Well, that’s it for now. It’s time to move on to fall colors around home.  In a month or so, I’ll  be heading to Squaw Creek to see if I can get some decent images of Bald Eagles. So, please stay tuned and….. Thanks for coming!

PS: I’m still working on that gallery. It’s not quite as easy to set up the way I would like as I first thought but I’ll figure it out!

Bye! ……

Hello again! Just a few more images from Grand Teton NP

The image below is for all of you that like the color blue. I think it’s a bit too blue but it’s what I saw that morning.

Blue Reflections

If you look closely to the left of the image below, you’ll see what I believe to be the bunk house in the shadow of the mountains.

The Bunk House

Now remember that I said on a previous post that I hiked in 1.7 miles in the very early morning to get images of moose before the passenger boat arrived?  Well, this is what I saw just before the boat got there.

Moose in the Very Early Morning
Moose in the early morning

On my way back from taking the image above, I saw a female osprey fly to her nest with a fish to feed her two young chicks.  The previous osprey image that I posted was taken about two and a half hours after this one when the male returned with a fish.  Sorry, I just couldn’t resist posting this image too.

Female Osprey feeding her young

That’s it for now. Still working on putting a gallery together.

Thanks for coming!

Well, I’m back!

I’m back home now and have more than 2300 images to go through.  I thought that I’d share a few highlights. The previous images were all taken in Grand Teton NP.  All but the last one in this post were taken in Yellowstone.

This Big Boy was standing guard over his harem which included a couple of young.  I was on my way to West Yellowstone early in the morning when I saw him.  I always feel so lucky to get a shot like this.

This big boy was actually protecting his harem which included a couple of yourg
Big Boy in the River

The next morning, I headed to Lamar Valley where there are hundreds of bison. I always try to leave camp long before the sun comes up to catch the early morning glow.

Because they were up on ridge, I hiked out to get some shots of the herd with the hills in the background.  As I did so, they started to move towards me so I had to scurry back towards my car. The above was taken just before they crossed the road in front of me.

Who's really in charge here?

This bison must have known that he was holding up traffic.  As you can see, he’s sticking his tongue out as he’s crossing the road right in front of me!

The following day, I went to Gardiner which is 5 miles north of the park to do some laundry and to get something good to eat.  Had the best grilled cheese sandwich and onion rings ever!  On the way back, I saw several big horned sheep right at mid day.  Now this guy doesn’t have really impressive horns but he seems to be doing alright because he had a couple of ewes with him.

This last picture is for all you horse lovers out there.  It was taken as I was heading home. I decided to go through Teton NP to Jackson on my way to the Teton Raptor Center. This was such a beautiful scene with the low clouds and fog that I had to stop to take the shot.

Horses grazing in the morning

Well, that’s it for now.  I hope you’ve enjoyed these images.  I’ll post more as I go through the rest of the 2300.  My goal is to have them sorted in a real gallery.  It might take a while for me to figure that out so, please stay tuned.

Thanks for coming!




Finally got good light!

This was taken last night as the sun was going down and the light was actually in the correct position!  Some days you just get lucky.

I actually had to wait a couple of hours for them to get up from their nap. I think that it was worth it!

Heard wolves howling at the full moon last night and a great horned owl started hooting at about 3:30 this am.  It was great!

Took some images of elk this morning but I haven’t downloaded them yet.  Stay tuned!

Where am I?

This was taken yesterday morning as the sun was coming up! The lighting is not very good but it should give you an idea of where I am.

Bull Moose Crossing the River

The image below was taken the previous day. My goal was to get images of moose. A ranger suggested that I go to the boat dock on the other side of Jenny Lake. He suggested that I get there before the first boat arrives because it’s arrival often scares off the moose. The only way to get there would be to hike in 1.7 miles. Now Children, I know that you’re not suppose to hike alone. He convinced me that as long as I made a lot of noise, I’d be ok but to be sure to have my bear spray handy. I figured that if I sang loudly, that would be enough to scare away any bears in the area. (if you heard me sing out loud, you’d surely agree) He was right.  I may post those images later. Along the way, I spied this osprey nest. After staying at it for about 2.5 hrs, I was rewarded with this image.

The following image was taken this morning.

Mother Moose and Calf

Have you guessed where I’ve been?

Thanks for coming!  Stay tuned!

More From Last Year’s Trip To Yellowstone


No, that’s not fire! It’s steam coming from the ground! It seems as though there are steam vents and geysers everywhere. It’s especially beautiful on a crisp cold morning. Of course for our safety, we have to stay on the paths and boardwalks but we can still get very close to them. It’s just simply amazing!

This second image is of Morning Glory Pool. Morning Glory Pool was named in the 1880’s for its likeness to the flower. The blue pool has turned somewhat green over the years because of vandalism. People have thrown tons of coins, rocks, and trash into it. The Park Service does vacuum it out from time to time. The yellow and orange colors come from active bacteria that thrive there. It’s very beautiful and well worth the walk to it.

In a few days, I hope to get some better and more up to date images so stay tuned.

(In a few weeks you’ll see some major changes to this site. I and it are still works in process!)

Thanks for coming!