Thanks for coming!

Meerkat Line Dance

This site is under construction so please come back soon.

In the mean time, I thought you’d like to see at least one image. I hope you enjoy this one of these three meerkats. Click on the image to enlarge it.

It looks like they are dancing but they are trying to warm themselves in the sun on a cold day


12 thoughts on “Thanks for coming!”

    1. Thanks Rodney. It’s no way near as cool as your website. I’ve got a ways to go and a lot to learn but at least I’ve made the plunge. After I get back from Yellowstone I hope to put quite a bit of time on it to make it more user friendly and with a real gallery.

  1. Good evening Bill,
    Carol and I really enjoyed the chat and information the evening we spent with you hoping to see Moose along the Gros Ventre Slide.
    Looking at your supper photos, I can see that you are not only an accomplished wildlife photographer but landscapes also. Please post more images as not only do we enjoy seeing them but you also have animals and places we did not see.
    I will sent a sample of our trip shots also if you would be interested.
    Thanks again,
    Carol and Clay Buttke

    1. I enjoyed meeting and chatting with you two as well. I hope that the rest of your trip was as good as mine was. Thank you for the kind words about my images. I still have a lot to learn but I do try hard. I’d love to see some of your photos. It’s always nice to see what others have captured with their cameras. I’ll be posting more images as soon as I figure out galleries and how I’d like mine to look so please come back from time to time. Thanks again!
      Best Regards,

  2. Finally got to a computer instead of my iphone and I am so glad I did. WOW. Great galleries! I LOVE, love the zoo animals. I know you must have have spent some serious time with them to capture such great images. You certainly captured their personality and beauty. You have a gift and we are all so fortunate that you share.

    1. Thanks Gayle! You are too kind. I plan to change the zoo animals from time to time. I may post some images of some that we have lost or have gone to other places. Do you think others would like that or do you think that it might cause some pain? I value your input.

      Thanks again Gayle!


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