Big White-tailed Bucks on New Years Day!

Those of you who have been visiting my blog know that I’ve been trying to find some white-tailed bucks over the last several weeks.  I even went out very early Christmas morning looking for Rudolf.

I had planned to go again this morning because it’s the first day of the new year. There shouldn’t be many people out and about very early, especially today. However; because it was only 16 degrees out there with a slight wind, I almost didn’t go. It was so nice and warm in the kitchen. The coffee was really good! And, well, it was damn cold out there!

I argued with myself and finally said “Get your butt out there before the sun comes up! You won’t photograph anything sitting around here drinking coffee!”  Am I ever glad that I did. Below is the first deer that saw me!

I see you Bill!
I see you Bill!

Look at his rack. The tines closest to the center of his head are huge!  His rack almost looks like a crown. Below is the second one that I saw.

Big Buck!
Look at me!

His rack is more spread out and larger than the one above.  While each is unique, both are beautiful. WOW!

The sun was not up and I was trying to hand-hold the shot at a shutter speed of 1/25th of a second which is why the photos are a little softer than I like. Trying to keep 10 pounds of camera and lens dead still with freezing hands is not easy!  I just may have to break down and get a monopod.

During the next two hours of hiking, I only saw does. I seem to have no trouble finding does. They are beautiful too but I was looking for bucks. No more were to be seen.

However just as I was about to leave, I saw a Red-tailed Hawk all puffed out trying to stay warm. I just couldn’t resist taking its photo. As I did, I thought it looked familiar.

When I got home, I looked at some photos I took in March of a hawk. You may recall the post, “Coyotes or Hawks.”  I think it may be the same hawk I took photos of back then! It has the same kind of cow-lick like feathers on the back of its head. I’ve never noticed that on any other Red-tailed Hawk.

Remember Me?
Remember Me?

I didn’t want to disturb it so I didn’t get too close. Below is the photo I took in March 5th.

Bye Bill! It was fun.
Bye Bill! It was fun.

You can see the cow-lick that I’ve mentioned. What do you think? Is it the same Hawk? If it is, that is so very cool!

Those of you who know me, know that I love to photograph eagles, owls and hawks so this capped a wonderful New Years Morning for me. The New Year has already started off just GREAT!

I hope you and yours have had a wonderful New Years Morning and day too.

I wish you all a very Grand and Prosperous New Year!

Thanks for coming by!